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Common Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Homes

Posted by James Jenn on March 27, 2023

When it comes to selling a home, there are many factors to consider. It can be a long and complicated process, but understanding common mistakes people make when selling their homes can help you navigate the waters more easily. 

From not pricing your home correctly to overlooking simple repairs and upgrades, it is important to understand these common mistakes when selling your home and avoid them during the selling process.

Let’s get started! 

Not Working With a Real Estate Agent

Partnering with a realtor can help you save on costs

Choosing not to work with a real estate agent is one of the most common mistakes people make when selling their homes. While many people think they can save time, money, and effort by going it alone, this usually costs them more in the long run.

A knowledgeable real estate agent understands the housing market in your area and will be able to price your home competitively. They also have access to a large network of individuals who may be interested in buying and resources to help you get your home show-ready. 

On top of that, they can advise you on any legal paperwork necessary and handle any negotiations on your behalf. Working with an experienced real estate professional also ensures that you are compliant with state regulations while minimizing unnecessary stress and complications associated with the sale of your home.

Setting an Unrealistic Price

Pricing your property correctly is the key to selling your house fast. When sellers set a higher price for their homes than the market value, or comparable sales suggest, it can make it difficult for potential buyers to make an offer. 

Setting unrealistic sale prices too high does not allow negotiators or agents to come up with counter offers and can even scare away some buyers. If a property is not priced correctly, it can slow down the entire process of selling a home, as buyers won’t have enough interest.

It’s important to do detailed research on the market and compare what other similar properties in the area have sold before setting the price of your home. Consider any renovations you’ve completed in your home and how they add value, then discuss this information with a licensed real estate professional with experience in the local market.

To ensure an optimum listing price is set initially, agents can provide statistics on previous sales in the neighbourhood, advice on current market trends, and help negotiate by providing expert insights throughout the process.

Not Making Necessary Repairs or Upgrades

When selling a home, making any necessary repairs or upgrades before listing the property is important. Buyers will be expected to move into a home in good condition and up-to-date. Investing in major projects such as updating kitchen appliances or bathrooms can add great value to your property and dramatically increase the chances of it being sold quickly. 

Smaller updates, such as painting walls and patching holes, should also be made to make a favourable impression on potential buyers. It’s also recommended that sellers have their homes inspected before listing so that they can be aware of any issues that might affect the sale.

By taking care of these repairs and upgrades before listing your property, you can avoid costly delays and ensure your home is attractive to potential buyers. Having a well-maintained home can also give you leverage during negotiations with buyers who may be willing to pay more, knowing they won’t need to invest in additional work after closing.

Poor Home Staging

Presenting your home in the best possible light is crucial when selling

Poor home staging can be one of the most costly mistakes when selling your home. Staging your home involves presenting it in the best possible light and making it more attractive to potential buyers. It can involve decluttering, depersonalizing, rearranging furniture, and doing minor repairs.

Organizing furniture in a way that opens up space and creates flow can help allow people to visualize their future in the home. 

Spending time preparing each room shows potential buyers that they are investing in a well-maintained home with attention to detail. Furthermore, repairing smaller issues such as dripping faucets, stained carpets, and worn trim will ensure no issues arise during the inspection.

Finally, de-cluttering rooms of personal artifacts such as family photographs or collections will ensure that buyers see the size of the room and its potential for them – not for you! 

Additionally, it is important to remember to clean thoroughly before you show your house; this should include completing basic cleaning tasks like wiping down walls, basins, and countertops, dusting shelves, and replacing air fresheners if necessary.

Not Advertising the Home

Advertising is one of the most important things to think about when selling a house. Unfortunately, many homeowners think they can simply list the home and wait for buyers to find it. While this may work, it won’t guarantee a sale.

When advertising a home for sale, homeowners should utilize multiple methods and reach out to as many potential buyers as possible. Here are some effective strategies for selling a home:

  • List the Home Online: Listing your home on reputable websites such as Zillow, Realtor, and Trulia can help you expand your reach beyond your local area and tap into an even wider buyer pool. Additionally, you may want to consider listing on social media platforms and other sites that allow you to post photos and descriptions of your property.
  • Work with a Real Estate Agent: A professional real estate agent will have the knowledge and experience to maximize home exposure while ensuring online and print visibility. Agents often have access to exclusive listings that enable them to directly market homes to buyers looking outside their current residence or location.
  • Hold Open Houses: By hosting an open house or two, you can draw attention to your home, so potential buyers know it is available. Invite friends or family members who have connections with people interested in buying a home and neighbours who might be able to pass on information about who’s looking in the area.
  • Utilize Flyers/Posters: Keep flyers posted near entrances or post billboards near busy streets, which can gain additional attention from prospective buyers passing by whom might otherwise not know about your listing. This low-cost method allows you to target larger audiences visiting specific locations ‒ readers at local libraries or visitors at nearby businesses ‒ which could make all the difference when selling your property quickly.

Not Being Flexible with Showings

One of the key mistakes people make when selling their homes is not being flexible with showings. Sellers must be prepared to hold an open house during weekends or evenings, so buyers have plenty of time for viewing & inspection. 

This can also help increase awareness about your home and ensure all potential buyers are given the best chance to make an offer — or even suggest improvements that could help raise the asking price!

Final Thoughts

Selling a home can be a challenging and stressful process, but avoiding common mistakes can make it smoother and more successful. As mentioned earlier, working with a trusted real estate agent can help make the process as smooth as possible. 

At James Jenn Real Estate, we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective services for people looking to buy and/or sell a home. Use our calculator or contact us today at 905-447-9479 for more information from an expert realtor in Oshawa. 

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